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1stLine Hospital Analyzer© – Analysis of hospitals with 2 mouse clicks – especially developed for the needs of pharmaceutical and medical technology companies

When we developed the 1stLine Hospital Analyzer© in 2014 there were already countless providers of database solutions for hospital quality reports (‘Qualitätsberichte der Krankenhäuser’)*. So why develop and offer another tool? We noticed that many tools failed in providing many useful functions:

  • Deficiency: The handling of the existing solutions was much too complicated and time consuming. -> Our answer: We ensured that you reach your goal with a maximum of 3 mouse clicks.
  • Deficiency: The original data was often not cleaned up. -> Our answer: We have taken the great trouble to change this. Because no matter how good an analysis tool is otherwise, the principle ‘garbage in, garbage out’ always applies!
  • Deficiency: Many desirable analyses of potentials, geodata and visually appealing diagrams were not included -> Our answer: We have integrated them.
  • Deficiency: In the meantime, the quality reports are published annually, a good opportunity to directly compare the development of the case numbers of the diagnoses and procedures. – Unfortunately this is not possible in almost all tools. -> Our answer: This presentation is of course also no problem for our app.

The way was long, but the effort was worth it. Right after completion we could convince many interested parties to switch to us. If you want to understand why, contact us for a presentation without obligation. On request you can also contact our current customers who can give you information about their experiences with the Analyzer.

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You’re not convinced yet? Let us introduce you to a few more features of the 1stLine Hospital Analyzer©:

  • All inclusive: For example case numbers for diagnoses and (outpatient) procedures, the services offered, the special equipment, participation in clinical trials phase I/II and phase III/IV
  • The development of all case numbers from 2012 to the current reporting year in direct comparison (see above)
  • Creation of completely customised reports
  • Geo-localisation of potentials
  • Customisation and linking with your own data possible via existing interfaces (SAP, Oracle, MySql, etc.)
  • Many wishes for customisation are implemented as part of our service free of charge
  • Extraction of all tables and graphics into Microsoft Office programs
  • and many other functions

* Starting with the 2006 reporting year, all hospitals in Germany that are licensed according to § 108 SGB V must regularly publish the so-called quality reports (§ 137 Para. 3 Sentence 1 No. 4 SGB V). Since the reporting year 2012 this has been done annually. An unchanged version of the raw data for the hospital quality reports is available at


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